Ananda Batas – The Controversial Entrepreneur

ananda batas
Full NameAnanda Raj Batas
DOB30 October, 1967

Ananda Raj Batas (Ananda Batas) was born on 30, October 1967 is a Nepalese finance manager and humanitarian. He is the current executive of BATAS Organization, an aggregate, which comprises of 11 auxiliary organizations. Other than business, Batas has been engaged with different social associations. BATAS Foundation set up by him works for social government assistance and he frequently contributes in the space of philanthropic reaction, vocation, remaking, recovery, alleviation, instruction, etc.

Batas Early life

Ananda Batas was brought into the world in Belchautara, Tanahu area, Nepal as the oldest child of Shree Ram Prasad Batas and Mrs. Seti Maya Batas. He was brought up in Tanahu with his two siblings: Shanta Raj Batas and Bipendra Raj Batas. Ananda Batas finished his school at Gandaki Boarding School, Lamachaur, and school from Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. He moved on from Tribhuwan University, Nepal, with Bachelor in Management.

His dad, Mr. Shree Ram Prasad Batas, began the organization by managing in product and attire in 1967 in a modest community in Pokhara. His genuine responsibility and moral strategic policies assisted him with extending the business from an unassuming community to the close by city Pokhara. The second era of Batas has enlarged the limit of business. Ananda Batas siblings changed the little organization over to a combination BATAS Organisation which is one of the notable corporate houses in Nepal.

Batas Business Career

ananda batas

Following the means and morals of his faithful dad, Batas had expected all the time to extend business to broad possibility. Just subsequent to passing out school (SLC) in 1984, he opened little stall with two copiers.

Ananda Batas is exceptionally dedicated to values, commitments, partners, and clients. Because of his vested devotion and responsibility, he has satisfied his fantasy by forming BATAS Organization into one of the notable organizations in Nepal and at the worldwide level. Concerning business, BATAS association is a gathering of 11 auxiliary organizations that put stock in being “wealthy in responsibility”.

This corporate house is focused on incredible skill, client care, and moral strategic policies. Basically BATAS made its name in vehicles and gradually expanded itself into banking (enlist buy), settlement, energy, renting the board, visits, and voyages. Throughout extension, BATAS Organization has had the option to tackle worldwide associations with global brands.

BATAS is the sole merchant of Volvo Eicher, Fiat, Petronas, Globatt, and Himal Remit. BATAS is likewise the local vendor for Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, and TVs. BATAS has given direct work to around 600 individuals, and backhanded work to several thousands.

Batas Organisation Ventures

  1. Eastern Management Pvt. Ltd (After sales service and spare parts for Eicher Vehicles)
  2. Batas Tractors Pvt.Ltd (Authorised sales partner of CAT heavy equipment)
  3. Batas Brothers Pvt. Ltd (Regional dealer of Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and TVS)
  4. Eastern Agencies Pvt. Ltd (Sole distributor of Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles)
  5. Batas Investment Pvt. Ltd (Hire-Purchase non-banking finance company)
  6. Nepal Wheels Pvt. Ltd (Online platform to buy and sell used vehicles)
  7. Trithunga Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd
  8. Batas Associates Pvt. Ltd (Principal Agent of Himal Remit)
  9. Trithunga Trading Concern Pvt. Ltd (Sole distributor of Petronas Lubricant, Globatt Battery, Delta Battery, Rahimafrooz inverter, solar)
  10. Hotel Anand
  11. UDR Engineering Pvt. Ltd (Service centre for TVS, Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki)

Ananda Batas Generosity

ananda batas

Ananda Batas has established the BATAS Foundation in 2008 that offers philanthropic help, job upgrade, crisis reaction, and independent work movement. Following the gigantic tremor on 25th April 2015, Nepal lost in excess of 9,000 lives and saw a portion of its most critical legacies disintegrate to the ground. With 23,000 individuals harmed and in excess of 500,000 houses to some extent or totally harmed, the improvement office’s job turned out to be much more noticeable.

BATAS Foundation has a sound history of early recuperation support in Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok Districts where it developed a sum of 2,244 Temporary Shelters and 34 Temporary Learning Centers in 17 schools. In a joint effort with Islamic Relief Worldwide, BATAS as of late upheld 962 families in Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok for winterization.

The families were given one winter bundle each involving winter things including covers, coats, socks, winter shoes, woolen covers, gloves, cloaks, P. E. Froth, and oven with chimney stack. BATAS Foundation likewise puts together different kid assurance projects and blood gift programs.

To upgrade the day to day environment of the neighborhood populace, BATAS intends to help provincial networks with Livelihood Enhancement Programs later on. Right now, the Foundation is expanding its administrations in Nuwakot, Sindhupalchok and Rasuwa regions of Nepal on help, recuperation, and recreation exercises for seismic tremor survivors.

Ananda Batas Personal Life

Ananda Batas is hitched to Usha Batas and they have two youngsters. Other than being associated with business, he additionally adores voyaging. Ananda Batas has visited numerous nations like China, India, the USA, UK, Japan, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherland, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and UAE.

Ananda Batas Career Awards

  1. Best Leo President Award from Lions Club International in (1997/1998)
  2. Young Entrepreneur Award from National Civil Forum
  3. International Civil Golden Award – 2004